To mark TEN YEARS since the initial release of my debut album “Good News”, three special hometown shows are being staged in November 2019. Each of these shows will be recorded. Wednesday night will be a full band rendition of “Good News” in it’s entirety, featuring the band and additional musicians. Thursday night will be a similar treatment, but of second album “New Gods”. Friday night will be a selection of NEW SONGS, rarities, EP tracks and the like. There is also a joint ticket aimed at people who want to come and celebrate with us at all three shows. Ticket links are over on the SHOWS page of the website.



    SongwritersTour_A3-SQUARE-IMAGE-1 On tour in October with James Yorkston and Kris Drever. At these shows we will be onstage together throughout, trading and reworking songs, chatting and generally creating some relaxed and diverting evenings of music in a town near you. James and Kris are both recognised as excellent songwriters and musicians and it’s a real pleasure to be heading out on the road in such good company. Dates and ticket links are listed HERE


    Delighted to announce for this year’s Festival show I have been invited to headline a MADE IN SCOTLAND showcase at Summerhall with the band.

    Double delighted to announce for this show we will be collaborating with the superb string section of the Rogue Orchestra for part of the set, so it really should be one to remember.

    This show will be the only Festival outing for the WH Band and is on the 19th August this year.

    To get tickets for the show click HERE.



    Friends in Belgium & Holland! Me and Lieven (A Singer Of Songs) are about to appear in your vicinity for a few intimate house concerts.

    Singing songs, breaking strings, staring into the fire, and much, much more.

    These are the dates & places:

    — 24/5 – The Rocking Chair Sessions Belgium – Haaltert (B)
    — 25/5 – Secret show – Brussels (B)
    — 26/5 – Home show – Brussels (B)
    — 27/5 – Home show – Boortmeerbeek (B)
    — 28/5 – Home show – Zutphen (H)

    If you want to attend any of these shows, write to and Mabel from Son Canciones will give you all the details. Please spread the word to anyone who likes this kind of thing and lives nearby.


    I spent a few days on a small organic farm in Barcelona at the end of last year. Although I did do some garlic planting, I was invited there by my Belgian friend Lieven, with the intention of us both writing songs from scratch. I had no great expectations. I tried to relax into the pace of life at the farm, and the couple who lived and worked there left a great impression on me. I managed three songs, Lieven managed three and a half. We recorded the six songs on the farm before I left, using the little studio there and with help from Frank, the engineer/drummer. We played on each other’s songs where it seemed right. This will hopefully continue to be possible with new artists taking our place. The project is called Among Horses and the ltd edition EP is out on CD with a little Spanish label called Son Canciones.



    This limited edition plastic collectable is available here